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Checkout checklist

Check Out is 11:00AM EST.

When you leave, please make sure the following is done:

  • Clean and cover BBQ grill, tuck in patio furniture under the canopy, close dining table umbrella and tiki umbrella and stack Muskoka chairs

  • Close the umbrella on the dock

  • Leave all soiled towels on the floor in the laundry room

  • Leave used slippers next to the couch for cleaning

  • Leave blankets turned down on beds you have used so we can change the linen

  • Dishes are cleaned and put away (the drying rack is put back in the cabinet)

  • Coffee maker is emptied and cleaned

  • All knobs on the stove are turned OFF

  • All lights are turned off

  • Garbage is removed from the house 

  • Close all windows and lock all doors

  • Press the Lock/ Unlock button on the front door as you leave

We want to THANK YOU again for choosing our home for your travels and hope you have a very comfortable and enjoyable stay.


We would love your honest feedback, which will give us a chance to make things even better for your next stay.

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