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Let us begin, THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing our home for your travels. We are so excited to host you!


Our cottage is home to us and is truly near and dear to our hearts and much more than a rental property. We have put a lot of thought into the details to make it feel like home and would love to share it with you.


Now that you are here (and we are very happy about that :), we would love to share some information to make you feel more comfortable around the house.

       Directions to finding our cottage

       A map of the property

  • Bathroom/ Laundry Room

  • Garbage/ Recycling/ Compost

  • Bedrooms

  • Shoes                                                  

  • Neighbours & Trespassing                 

  • Noise

  • Television

  • Board Games

  • Entrances              

  • Parking                         

  • WiFi                    

  • Water                          

  • Lights              

  • Heating              

  • Fireplace                  

  • Kitchen                  

  • No Smoking

  • Private Belongings

  • Lights          

  • BBQ                           

  • Deck Furniture           

  • Fire Pit                                              

  • Dock                                                 

  • Entertainment              

  • Insects

  • Camera

  • Snow Plow              

      Things to remember on your way out!

We would love your honest feedback, which will give us a chance to make things even better for your next stay.

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