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  • The front entrance porch light switch is by the furnace door room.

  • Porch lights are motion sensitive when ON. Please turn this switch off when you leave.

  • Outdoor string lights around the house can be switched on by the black wireless remote on the wall by the coat hanger next to the back door.



The BBQ grill is by the back entrance door on the deck. Please ensure you clean it after every use and cover it every night and/or if raining. If you run out of propane, let us know and we will arrange a backup tank for you. All BBQ accessories (tongs, cleaning brush, etc) can be found in the kitchen cabinet closest to the dining table. 


Deck Furniture (summertime):

The gazebo on the deck is perfect for rainy and extra sunny days. The tree above sheds a lot of acorns, there is a broom under the couch to clean up if you like. Please close the dining table umbrella when not in use (especially when windy.) We really hope you enjoy the deck as much as we do! 

Please note: in winter we put away the patio couch. The table and chairs remain outdoors for your enjoyment!

Fire Pit (year round):

Please check for burn bans during windy days and dry spells. We ask our guests to bring their own firewood which can be purchased at most gas stations and convenience stores or at Home Hardware located 5 minutes from the cottage. Please stack the Muskoka chairs and leave them by the deck stairs when not in use, especially when windy.


DO NOT use the firewood in the woodshed for BONFIRES.



The Muskoka chairs on the Dock make the perfect spot for sitting by the water. Please close the umbrella every night, especially when WINDY. Be careful of the steps when you go down the dock and always use caution when near water. 


In cottage country, we have insects and creepy-crawlies. We don’t see many in the cottage however, it is always a possibility. We recommend applying bug spray for your time outdoors.



We have an EXTERIOR camera installed on the woodshed overlooking the front entrance of the house for security.


If the snow falls exceeds 3 inches, our driveway will be cleared by our local contractor.

The main roads are all maintained by the village. 

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