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  1. Front entrance has a smart lock with a code which has been sent to you in your arrival email. 

  2. Back entrance has a key lock. Please ensure the house is locked from the inside when leaving the house. (No key is provided to guests for the back door.) Always use the front entrance when locking the house is required. 

  3. The Side Door is a sliding door in the living room. Please always ensure it is locked and not left open as there could be unwanted 4-legged guests making their way inside. 



Part of our driveway is shared with our neighbors. Please ensure you use the left side of the driveway when driving up. Please DO NOT park your vehicle on the lawn, always park on the graveled area by the woodshed. 


Wi-Fi: Wild Indigo  

Password  WildIndigoGuest


Water comes from a dug well and is not unlimited, so we ask you to be conscientious of your usage especially when the weather is dry. It is filtered through a UV filtration system and water softener so you can drink from the tap as we do, or refill the Brita in the fridge, or bring your own bottled water if you prefer. The house is on a septic system so please be careful to not put grease or anything like that down the drain. Please NEVER drain anything other than toilet paper.   



Exterior: Front entrance porch light switch is by the furnace room door. Backyard deck light switch is by the back door. The white switch to the right of the back door will turn on the flood light at the back.


Living Room: The fan switches are by the dining table: the first and third switch control the lights to the fan. The Remote controllers for the fans can be used to adjust the speed and can be found on top of the fireplace hearth. The string lights in the living room are on a timer: On 6-7am and 6-10pm. If you would like the lights on at other times, you can remove the timer (attached to the lights by the sliding doors). If you do remove the timer, please reattach it before checking out.

Kitchen/ Dining: Ceiling light switches are by the dining table and open shelf light switches are behind the coffee machine. 



We have a smart thermostat installed in the house which only controls heating. To control the temperature on the Ecobee device located on the dining wall, tap the screen, and slide up/down on the right side to set the desired temperature.

Our heating is fueled by propane tanks so be mindful of the usage. We prefer to lower the central heat at night and use the space heaters in each bedroom, as those capture and hold heat better than the entire house.

Please turn down the thermostat when not at home.


There is no air conditioning in the house.



Please note that unfortunately, the indoor fireplace cannot be used at the moment as it requires maintenance. We will have it up and running soon!


There are portable fans/heaters in the bedroom closets. If you open the windows for some air, please ensure they are not fully open at night. 

Bathroom/ Laundry Room:

Help yourself to the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom.  Extra bath and hand towels are provided on the shelves by the shower. Please leave any used towels on the floor in the laundry room located in the bathroom upon departure. You are more than welcome to use the washer and dryer along with the detergent in the laundry room. If you use the dryer, please do not forget to clean the vent. We have a small hot water tank so use it wisely. Extra paper towels, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and an iron are on the laundry room shelf. Highchair, vacuum, and mop are in here as well.


Nothing but toilet paper down the drain! (PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH ANY SANITARY PRODUCTS OR WIPES)



We have a fully equipped kitchen with an electric stove, oven, large sink, double door fridge and freezer. You can use all plates, cutlery, pots and pans and other kitchen essentials for making meals. We do not have a dishwasher, please ensure everything is thoroughly washed and put back where you found it. Drying rack and mats can be found in the cabinet towards the right side of the sink. 

Help yourself to any tea, coffee, and other cooking essentials available. If any supplies happen to run out during your stay, you will find replenishments in the pantry beside the microwave. Help yourselves, but of course please only take what you need. If you do not see what you need in the pantry, let us know and we will make it right. The fridge door needs a slight push to be closed properly.

Garbage bags, extra sponges and cleaning supplies can be found in the cabinet under the sink.


Extra paper towels, vacuum cleaner, mop, high chair and first aid kit are in the laundry room in the bathroom.


**Important** Despite appearances, our kitchen countertops are not cutting boards. Please use one of the provided cutting boards instead.


If you break anything in the kitchen, please just be upfront and tell us. Things happen. 🤷


Garbage/ Recycling/ Compost:

Please take all garbage, recycling and compost with you. We do not want to attract wildlife while no one is home. Thank you!



Extra linens, portable fan and heater can be found in the closet. Both room closets have a luggage stand. 

Board Games:

A variety of board/ card games are in the upper cabinet closest to the dining table. 


We have a Fire TV stick, with Amazon Prime, Netflix, and a host of channels.

Please feel free to use the Wild Indigo Guest account.

The Firestick remote can be found on the coffee table.

Please note, the TV is mounted on a swivel to face the ideal direction. Please place a hand on either side of the TV and gently push it to the direction you would like.


Firestick TV remote diagram copy.tiff
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