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Kids and Pets


  • There is a high chair in the laundry room, in back of the bathroom

  • There is also a baby bath in the laundry room for guest use

  • There is a green toboggan and a roller car in the dark green "activities tent" at the side of the house. Feel free to explore the rest of the equipment (hockey sticks, badminton nets, fishing rods, etc).

  • Extra caution is advised with kids on the incline in the backyard.



  • We love furry friends at Wild Indigo! Feel free to use the "Woof" food and water bowl found below the television. A dog bed is also available next to the sliding patio doors.

  • Blankets can be found in the pet bed. Please use these to protect the couch from muddy and wet paws.

  • Please do not let your pets on the bed.

  • If your are worried about your pet running away, there is a long red line attached to the post of the back deck. An extra long leash is hanging by the back door and can be attached to extend the reach of your pet.

  • You may find a ball or frisbee on the property. Feel free to play with them!

  • Please pick up after your pets when they go to the bathroom. You can place pet waste in the green bin by the garage.



Our beloved Nova on adoption day.

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