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House Rules


We have a no shoe policy in the house. Particularly during wet weather and winter months please respect this and ensure shoes are removed to maintain cleanliness of the floors. There are racks by both the doors to keep the entryways clear of shoes. Guest slippers are available on the shoe rack (don’t worry, we wash them after every guest stay!)


Neighbors/ Trespassing:

We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by great neighbors (who are also very good friends). Maintaining these relationships is very very important to us and we need your help to do so.  We only own approximately one acre of land, the majority of which is the front of the property. Our backyard property line can be distinguished by the row of trees/ shrubs on both sides. The property gets narrower as you go towards the lake. The lake frontage we own is approximately 45ft and distinguished by the retaining wall.

It is critically important that none of our guests trespass, throw bottles or garbage or cigarette butts onto our neighbor’s property.



Please be mindful that noise carries across, so all guests are requested to be respectful to our neighbors, including, driving slowly on the road to the property, not creating any noise (including music) which the neighbors can hear, especially in the evening and during the night. 

Quiet hours respect our neighbors and our neighborhood. Please maintain quiet hours between 11 pm - 7 am. If you are having a good time, just bring it inside and make sure the windows/sliding doors are closed to prevent noise from traveling!

NO Smoking inside the house.


Private Belongings:

We live in the house when there are no bookings and have some personal stuff. We will appreciate if you do not touch the following items (we have added labels to confirm you know what contents are private):

  • Right side drawer in the fridge

  • Left tall cabinet in the kitchen,

  • Furnace room (the door by the front entrance)

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